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Clean 9 - C9 FAQS

QUESTION 1: Is this product real?

Answer : It is very real. It is produced by Forever Living Products, a company that has been in existence for the past 40 years.

QUESTION 2: Is Clean 9 a pill, pill, drugs, cream or concoction? What exactly is Clean 9?

Answer: It is none of the above. Rather it is a natural food supplement. Clean 9 is a weight management program that works within 9 days and helps you shed weight in areas like your tummy, thighs, arms and all over your body. T

QUESTION 3: What does Clean 9 contain?

Answer : Clean 9 is made up of strictly natural ingredients. It has no side effect and detoxifies the body as well. Inside the Clean 9 weight loss pack; we have the following components;

2 x 1 litre bottle Forever Aloe Vera Gel

1 x Forever Lite Ultra with Aminotein Vanilla (15 servings)

1 x Forever Therm (18 tablets)

1 x Forever Garcinia Plus (54 softgels)

1 x Forever Fibre (9 packets)

Information booklet

1 Measuring Tape

QUESTION 4: Tell me more about the Clean 9 contents.

Answer : Aloe Vera Gel (contains 2 bottles): Has been found to have some amazing effects on the body because of all the nutrients it contains. Drinking aloe Vera gel helps to cleanse the digestive system and ensure better nutrient absorption. It also improves circulation, Improves metabolic disorders, It is an adaptagen – it adapts to the body and what the body needs, boosts the immune system.

Garcinia Plus: This is a natural appetite suppressant derived from Garcinia Cambogia which contains a number of ingredients that may help with losing weight. It increases energy levels (because Garcinia prevent calories to be converted into fat but rather converted to energy) one’s mood also changes. HCA helps improve serotonin levels which naturally and safely improve your mood. In view of the normalized serotonin levels, people are less likely to experience hunger cravings associated or triggered by emotional circumstances (stress, anxiety, sadness, disappointment etc.) Garcinia Cambogia thus, ensures the person doesn’t resort to emotional eating to counteract their emotional imbalance. Appetite control support and fat production prevention are the main capacities of Garcinia Cambogia. Other side benefits of taking Garcinia include: improving fat metabolizing,encouraging the development of lean muscle mass rather than new fat cell storages, and minimizing stress-triggered cravings.

Lite ultra-shake with Aminotein: This is a high protein meal replacement shake. It ismade from soy protein. It is low in fat and saturated fat and 1 shake provides 50% of the

recommended daily allowance of vitamins and minerals.

The Fiber: This high quality natural supplement can also help limit feelings of sluggishness or low energy after we eat. It has been shown to support cardiovascular function and, of course, because scientists now recognize that up to 70% or 80% of immune function in the body is associated with the gastrointestinal tract, it may help to support the immune system via its benefits for digestive function. Adequate soluble fiber intake can facilitate removal of waste products from the body and may help to relieve occasional constipation.

Therm: This will help accelerate your weight loss efforts so you see results faster and achieve your ultimate desired shape and weight loss goals. With a unique combination of natural extracts and nutrients, it can help boost your metabolism, to maximize your efforts.

All you need to take in the 9 days is in 1 pack of C9.

Those on days 3 to 9, will need to add a 600 calorie dinner to what is in the Clean 9 pack. You are also expected to exercise (walk / jog / skip) for a minimum of 20 minutes daily.

Other benefits include:

1. Detoxification and maintenance of healthy digestive tract;

2. Lowering of blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, anti-pain and so on

The product has the prestigious Kosher Seal (which makes it acceptable to the Jews). It has other seals including the Halal and Islamic seals as well. (These are Seals of highest form of purity including our own NAFDAC in Nigeria).

QUESTION 5: How does the Clean 9 work. Is it safe?

Answer – The fat burning natural components in the Clean 9 pack combined with the simple workout techniques in this effective natural weight loss program ensures you NATURALLY burn fat off your body continuously every day when you follow this program. This program will work for you and help you get an amazing trimmed body and flatter belly within 9 days and Clean 9 is 100% guaranteed natural. The product comes with the prestigious Kosher certification. It is also NAFDAC certified. Clean 9 cleanses the body of unnatural chemicals to kick-start a cleaner and healthier lifestyle.

QUESTION 6: Does the Aloe Vera Gel taste really bad?

Answer : It’s slightly bitter, but you will get used to it. You can add some natural juice to it. (Remember that it must be sugar free so as not to increase your calorie intake) Thought it is said the more toxins in your body the worse it will taste!!!! You can also drink it through a straw if this helps.

QUESTION 7: Will I get headaches?

Answer : Yes, the chances are you will have headache for the first 2 days and after that you will feel great. Drink plenty of water and don’t start the Clean 9 on a day when you have a very busy schedule. Headaches are a sign of detoxification.

QUESTION 8: I don’t like milk, how will I survive?

Answer : What Clean 9 contains are protein shakes not milkshakes and they are only 300 mil so it is not a lot to take. You can add soya, almond or coconut milk instead of the milk or you can add water, ice and some berries and make it into a smoothie. Two servings a day of Forever Lite Ultra®, prepared with skimmed milk as directed, supplies a full 100% of the Reference Daily Intake (RDI) for the vitamins and minerals. Forever Lite Ultra® supplies the 18 important amino acids, including essential, non-essential and the branch-chain amino acids. If you do make your shake on water you have an extra 100 calories to use on a healthy snack. The booklet inthe Clean 9 packs gives you some suggestions on some healthy 100 calories snacks.

QUESTION 9: I am Diabetic, can I do the detox ?

Answer : Yes you can, but you will start on day 3 of the Clean 9 program. You Don’t DO the first 2 days of the detox. Aloe Vera Gel helps lower blood sugar. Studies have found that people taking Aloe Vera gel over a 3 month period experienced a drop in blood sugar levels and improved cholesterol levels. When you drink aloe juice, it works like a stimulant laxative by increasing the contractions of your bowel muscles and speeding up your bowel movements. This stimulating effect can cause diarrhoea. NIH states that diarrhoea can increase the effects of Coumadin, which can increase your risk of bleeding. You should avoid aloe juice if you are taking Coumadin.

QUESTION 10: Can a pregnant woman use Clean 9? Also, what about nursing mothers?

Answer – The Clean 9 program IS NOT for pregnant women. Nursing mothers can use Clean from the sixth month of breastfeeding when it is certain that the baby can take other meals comfortably with breast milk. Such person will have to replace the Garcinia capsules with garlic and thyme supplements. The reason is Garcinia is an appetite suppressant which when it crosses over to the baby from breastmilk reduces the baby’s appetite which we do not want to happen. But it is safe to replace that with the garlic and thyme supplements (which will be purchased differently from the Clean 9).

QUESTION 11: I am over or less than 30 and Single. I am neither fat nor thin, but I have belly fat, will Clean 9 work for me?

Answer – Yes, it will work for you as long as you have jiggly fat and belly fat and you can spare just 20 minutes per day to use the supplement that will get rid of excess fat from your belly and every other part of your body that you do not want it. The result of this program is visible within 9 days and the changes are permanent.

QUESTION 12: Will Clean 9 work for me?

Answer – Yes, it will work for you as long as you have excess unwanted fat and you can spare just 20 minutes per day to exercise and adhere strictly to guidelines concerning the use of Clean 9. You will get rid of excess fat from your belly and every other part of your body. When you get rid of this fat, the changes are permanent.

QUESTION 13: I have tried other weight loss products in the past that never worked. Is Clean 9 the same?

Answer – The Clean 9 program is different from every other product out there… if Clean 9 is not working; we won’t be getting regular testimonials from users. If the product is not working, it won’t be certified by Kosher and NAFDAC.

QUESTION 14: I am excited about Clean 9, how many kg will I lose by using it and how soon before I start to see result?

Answer – The amount of fat you lose will depend on various factors including how much fat you have in your body (i.e. your body fat to muscle ratio). The more fat you have on your body, the more quickly and easily your weight loss. Over 1,000 clients who have used Clean 9 have lost between 5kg – 10kg of fat and lost 4 – 6 inches off their belly fat within 9 days of using it. You too will see this kind of result when you get your own pack of Clean 9 and use it.

QUESTION 15: Do I have to repeat the program?

Answer – You do not have to, as far as your desired result has been achieved within the 9 days and you will be added to our BBM Clean 9 Support Group during and after the program. For those who are obese and need to lose more , our FIT15 Program packs are designed for that.

QUESTION 16: Will the fat not come back after the program?

Answer – No, it will not if you maintain and live a healthy lifestyle after the program.

QUESTION 17: Will you not take my money away if place order?

Answer: If we have been cheating people, we will not still be in business and be getting amazing testimonials about this product. You can always trust us. To reassure you, we provide an alternative method of payment. If you have friends or relatives in the cities where pay on delivery service is available, you can send the money to such people and the product is delivered to them and they in turn will send it to you wherever you are.

QUESTION 18: How Do I get this Clean 9 Pack delivered to me?

Answer : You Can Shop Online using this link . Delivery Time depends on the country facilities , If You are in UAE Delivery will take 1-3 Days delivered to your Home or Office.

QUESTION 19: How do I place an order?

Answer : You Can Shop Online using this link . Delivery Time depends on the country facilities , If You are in UAE Delivery will take 1-3 Days delivered to your Home or Office.

QUESTION 20: I want to buy “Clean 9” but the price is too expensive and on the high side.

Answer – It is not if you compare the price to the cost of going to a standard gym. It is more than the cost of Clean 9 program. Your busy schedule may not even allow you to attend that gym that you probably paid a lot of money for. This weight loss program is a one off investment concerning your healthand the good thing is, it works and guarantees amazing result and its 100% healthy in just 9 days without any side effect.

QUESTION 21: What If I want to Pay Cash on Delivery for my Clean 9 Order?

Answer – It Depends on the Country Facilities , If You are in U.A.E , An Independent Forever Business Owner/ Distributor can Process Your Order . You can contact Me Via Email at [email protected] (also for Whatsapp) +971557621692

QUESTION 22: I really like Clean 9 and would love to market and distribute it to people within my network. How do I become a distributor?

Answer: Becoming a distributor is simple and free. You don’t need to pay any fee and buy goods upfront before you start. But you will have to be sponsored and mentored under an experienced distributor. Please contact Me [email protected] (also for Whatsapp) +971557621692






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